Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mass at St. Anthony's.

Rocky works on Saturday and Sunday so we usually go to the Saturday vigil Mass. Well it snowed so much that we couldn't make it and had to go to the 5:30 Mass at St. Anthony's. When we arrived Rocky noticed that Bishop Loverde's assistant was there.

As it turned out our wee bishop was the main celebrant. Fr. Grinell, the pastor was very subdued which was quite nice and dear Fr. Nicholas, who is Haitian gave the homily.

The choir was dreadful. Over amped music, a cantor wailing into the mike, a guitarist who is NOT the second coming of Jimi Hendrix and tuneless tunes. One thing I found interesting was that nobody was singing alogn with the choir or the psalms. Old, young, black, white, Asian, Indian, Philipino, African... nobody was singing. We all just silently endured the noise.

I was very annoyed by the jolly old man who stood at the ambo before Mass to tell us what the readings were and what they meant (essentially he gave us a mini homily.) He then instructed us to all stand and greet our neighbors. After that business was done the clergy processed in. Despite having a bishop and four priests we still had a small army of eucharistic ministers. Were they really, really needed?

After Mass the rush to get out was like a cattle stampede. People only slowed down to greet the bishop and Fr. Nicholas and getting out of the church parking lot was like Death Race 2000.


Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum said...

HHHmmmm tell me again, why is church attendance falling or flatlined? That sounds like pure torture, shouldv'e gobe to TLM instead!

Mary Ann said...

Fr. Grinnell is a liberal priest who is more interested in serving VOICE (Virginians Organized for INterfaith Community Engagement) than serving the Church. Being a community organizer seems to be his main priority.

The Herald recently had an article on the census that mentioned he's involved with that as well. When does he have time to be a priest engaged in sacramental ministry? When they had their community day last year to bring in people to meet with different program facilitators they cancelled the baptism class. No room at the inn for helping parents with sacramental preparation. They just handed out the certificates and sent them home.

When you have a worldly pastor whose priorities are secular, the likelihood of a reverent Mass and a prayerful parish is just about zero. St. Anthony's has also been a longtime center of dissent where Call to Action groupies meet.

Pray for Fr. Grinnell and his poor parishioners.

Anita Moore said...

Our bishop presided over the Mass offered for the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The rock band made me so damn mad I felt I couldn't receive Communion.

But here's some good news on the liturgical front. I belong to a little group dedicated to restoring Latin and chant to the liturgy. The parish where we have been most active has been the subject of much "spirit of Vatican II" experimentation; but after a couple of years of pariah-hood, and thanks to the tireless efforts of our foundress and her husband, who is also in the group, we now have space set aside on the parish calendar for weekly rehearsals. We have done some Masses here and there, and, apart from a few whiners, have been well-received. PLUS: this year, we have been asked to sing at the Ash Wednesday evening Mass AND the 8:30 Easter Sunday Mass!

Last Saturday was the funeral Mass for our foundress' mother-in-law, and we sang (a) Latin Mass parts; (b) Latin hymns; and (c) Dies Irae (as a sequence before the Gospel, even though there's really no place for it in the Novus Ordo -- Father said we could).

So: it's not ALL excrement sandwiches!

TH2 said...

Sounds exactly like my parish.

nazareth priest said...

Just a thought.
Do you know the cloistered Dominican Nuns in Linden, outside of Front Royal?
I've known them for thirty years; they used to be in La Crosse, Wi.
A great community. Traditional. Very fervent.
Not an answer to Sunday Mass, but they might be a real boost to you and yours.

Susan said...

Mary Ann: There you go again thinking that a woman can speak out! Women are protected in the secular world - not the Roman Catholic get back to those dishes and watch some TV! You wouldn't want to make God mad by not being a subservient little domestic now would you?

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Susan, are you here only on baiting women for being in what you consider a misogynistic Church?

Well, not very likely you are needed to give lessons about charity, if so!

Such persons, in my opinion, for what it is worth, seem to use "charity" or whatever else they consider as "that's what Catholic think is Holy" is used just as a catchword to protect whatever you want protected from all criticism from a Catholic view.

Same with other Christian views if the person is also a non-Christian. Often the case.