Saturday, April 03, 2010

Good Friday

Rocky and I took Good Friday off. We went to the Paschal Lamb bookstore in Fairfax and then we went to the Franciscan Monastery in DC for the Burial of Christ. It's a beautiful service and you can see the face of the Church there. Faithful from every continent were there. I saw nuns from the Sister Servants of the Lord, the Missionaries of Charity, Dominican Sisters, Franciscan nuns and other orders. Besides the Franciscan brothers, Dominican Brothers from the Dominican House of Studies came to the service and I was very moved to see the devout awestruck face of a Orthodox monk who came to visit. He looked exactly like this painting of St. Francis.

After the statue of Jesus is carried around the church it is placed on the a perfect replica of the Stone of Annointing that is in the Holy Seplechure and the homily is given. After the homily the statue is placed in the tomb, which is also a faithful replica of the one at the Holy Sepluchre. When the service is over the Faithful may kiss the stone and the cross which is laid against the door to the tomb. I can't even begin to tell you how bittersweet it is to kneel on the cool marble floor and lay my head on the stone. For a few seconds I am there in Jerusalem with Mary and St. John and brave Joseph of Aramathea and I adore and mourn. It's too powerful for mortal flesh to put into words.

If you're in DC for Good Friday to this service. You'll never forget it.

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SAF said...

Dear Dymphna,
I once commented on your blog when you wrote appreciately about my parish (St. M's.) I like to be very anonymous on the 'net, so forgive the cloak-and-dagger abbreviations for parishes in our diocese.
On Holy Tuesday, I thought I might have seen you at "Q of A" (all right, I'm feeling Bond-ish now) while I was in line for confession. There was a woman praying who reminded me of your description of yourself.
I do hope to see and meet you sometime at a noon Mass, a devotional, or a Sunday Mass with our husbands. (Would probably be just me on a Sunday unless my 8 year old and 7 year old are on 'my team' that week. My husband and I have to tag-team two Mass times to accommodate our 10-month olds's nap schedule. And don't think I'm some young thing- I'm 46 and my husband is 50. We're tiiiiired...)
So can you email me if you're interested? I don't know how this contact works through blogs, but I know we're in the same area and I'd enjoy meeting up if you'd like.