Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dr. Kinsey-- warning, it's upsetting

One day when I was a college student I was sitting in class daydreaming while my English professor droned on about sex and how Dr. Alfred Kinsey showed what women were capable of once freed from the patriarchy when a question hit me: How did Dr. Kinsey get all his data? Kinsey started his research during WWII. In the 40s and later the 50s, no decent person would've agreed to have sex in front of strangers while being filmed and connected to electrodes. So where did Kinsey's test subjects come from? It appears that they were mostly freaks, ex-cons, pimps, homosexuals, prostitutes, and child molestors. Kinsey presented these people's sexuality as a model of what normal people feel and do. Later thousands of people like my old English professor insisted in classrooms all over the country that we SHOULD behave like Kinsey's test subjects or WE weren't normal, or that we were repressed, uncool prudes.
And what about Kinsey's child sexuality research? What happened to those kids? Kinsey claimed that children are willing, enthusiastic sexual actors from birth. How many kids were molested to get his research? And it had to be molestation. Three year olds and infants did not get in their cars and volunteer to be "observed" by Kinsey's helpers.
It dawned on me that day in class, that my professor was an old windbag who was wasting my money. I came to class to learn about literature not be indoctrinated into the freak show. It chilled me then and it chills me now to think that most of we learned in sex-ed class probably came from a mind that apparently was familiar with the darkest pits of hell. The Kinsey Institue, like Planned Parenthood gets a lot of money from you and me in the form of our tax money.