Sunday, October 31, 2010

St. Paul's Richmond, VA

Rocky and I visited St. Paul in Richmond last Sunday and it was wonderful. We didn't know it until we stepped inside but St. Paul is a "twin" of our parish, St. Rita. Both churches had the same architect, a guy from Staunton, Virginia. St. Paul's is located in kind of a difficult spot. One one side is a black neighborhood that's mixed with working class and poor folks. On the other side of the church is a working class white neighborhood. Neither neighborhood is really a place for tourists so have your wits about you if you decide to visit. Fr. George has to lock up promptly after Mass because they've had serious thefts. Father is a delightful, kind man and we were happy to chat with him and the charming head usher who gave us a tour of the church. We even got to meet the parish cat, a gorgeous, dignified old Himalyan. Such friendly people! Coming from icy cold Northern Virginia it's always a delight to be genuinely welcomed. If you ever get a chance stop by for Mass.