Sunday, October 17, 2010

well that was horrible

Rocky and I visited Nativity Church. in Springfield, VA. It was horribly depressing. The church is ugly but that's standard for churches built in the 60s, 70s and 80s so we didn't expect anything else. When we arrived a large group baptism ceremony was letting out. Most of the people were still milling around talking loudly and it was like they were at an auditorium. Nobody genuflected or bowed or even nodded towards Jesus. That may be partially because it was so hard to find Him. Nativity had no crucifix, instead there was one of those dopey resurecifixes over the altar. In a shadowy corner nearby was a tiny, ugly box sitting on a pillar. That was the tabernacle. Next to it, the santuary lamp appeared to be out. It was so sad. We tried to pray but it was so noisy that we got up to go. Just before going out I looked back and saw the priest tidying up the pews. All those lay people and the priest had to clean up? The last time I was at Nativity was 14 years ago and I'd forgotten it. It'll take another funeral for me to go back.