Saturday, July 09, 2011

random thoughts on a hot afternoon

  • In 1994, Humberto Leal raped, tortured and finally killed 16 year old Adria Sauceda. He was executed for that crime. One of his biggest supporters was Sr. Germaine Corbin. I don't mind Sr. Germaine visiting prisoners but I do wonder if she ever thought to go sit and grin with Adria's parents. Probably not.

  • My father-in-law mentioned that during the Vietnam war a lot of college boys hid out in divinity school. They were Protestants. Did any Catholics go to the seminary with the same thing in mind and how many of them got ordained? We'll never know.

  • Last month I read somewhere that women should marry less attractive men if they want adultery proof marriages. That's ridiculous and must have written by someone who knows nothing about men and women. Your husband may have nose like a baked potato and be skinny as a twig but if he's a good man, exudes confidence and masculinity and can provide a secure home some other woman will be attracted to him.  If he's happy in the marriage the attention won't matter to him. If he's not happy--- well  then you may have a problem, but it won't have anything to do with his looks.
  • I  read a post on a British writer's blog about NFP. He admitted that because his wife's body just doesn't follow the standards he's been forced into celibacy for the better part of this year. I'll probably make  NFP fans angry but that doesn't seem like a healthy way to live to me.

  • Please pray for Hilary White. She's walking in the lonesome valley now. St. Peregrine, dear saint whom no-one really wants to have to pray to, please remember Hilary.
  • On the next season of the science fiction series Torchwood, a main character is a sympathetic pedophile. Pay attention to this. We (ordinary American society) are being softened up. 


Lynne said...

I always love your random thoughts...

cwbullets said...

During the late 1970s or early '80s, my grandmother expressed the opinion that many of the problems in priesthood in America were due to men who'd entered the seminary to avoid the Viet Nam era draft.

Chudah said...

Interesting that you bring up Torchwood. My husband and I watched the first season and thought it was pretty good. By Season 2, there was so much homosexual content (literally, characters were sleeping with other same sex characters seemingly just for the heck of it), that we both couldn't bear watching it any further. This was back in 2007.

Dymphna said...

"We (ordinary American society) are being softened up."

Yep. Just like Maud's abortion in the 70's.

scotju said...

How can a nun "support" a perverted monster like this? It would be one thing if she urged repentance, but support? She sounds like a typical bleeding heart liberal to me.