Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fr. Marcel Guarnizo must be a good priest

Fr. Marcel Guarnizo must be a good priest because the devil doesn't bother with Fr. Skippy or Father Mass-is-about-me-me-me. The devil frets and stews about the good guys. With all the lesbians in the DC area ---and DC has a huge gay population-- why did the Washington Post, a major newspaper with a national and worldwide audience, pay any attention to the complaints of one idividual in particular and why did they put her story on the front page--- THE FRONT PAGE----was there no story in the whole world more important than this one? The whole scene was obviously a set up.

St. John Vianney, you who know so well what attacks a priest is heir to, pray for your brother priest.


Old Bob said...

Thanks, Dymphna!
Based on what I've read, I'm sure he was set up.

musculars said...

I'm sure he is good at being a priest, which explains how unnecessary they are.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Ah, musculars, what a sad comment. Our priests not only bring us the Real Presence of Jesus Christ, but by acting as Christ in the confessional they bring us forgiveness of our sins. If more people confessed in the box, fewer would feel the need to confess on Oprah, Jerry Springer, and Dr. Phil. Thank you, Lord, for our dear priests!

Lola said...

I think you said it, "no other story more important than this one."

In some ways that is true.

BTW my cousin who has never been raised catholic, she was raised Baptist was refused communion at my Grandmothers funeral mass. Boy did my uncle chew my mother out for warning the priest that some of the grandkids, including my cousin, we're not Catholic. He chewed my mother out. Not the priest, because my uncle was raised Catholic and knew better.

My dad, who's Protestant, couldn't believe any Protestant would want to take Catholic Communion.

I doubt very much the lady in the story on the Washington Post actually wanted Communion either.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

IMHO, D.C. stands for District of Catamites! The Holy Father ought to come to America to kick Abp Wuerl butt for this outrage against the good priest!

Catholic Mission said...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Canonist Peters thinks Fr.Guarnizo was wrong in witholding the Eucharist to the Barbara Johnson.

Edward Peters errs in assuming that the outward action does not indicate the internal thoughts or motivation. This is the moral theology of Fr.Bernard Haring and Fr.Charles Curran.
Homosexuality and lesbianism will always be a mortal sin.It is grave matter and the woman has admitted it in this case.She persists in receiving the Eucharist and still persists in the sin.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Give musculars a break.

He is having to deal with pro-gay, anti-small-business protestant female "priests".