Saturday, March 23, 2013

being conformed to the world-- let's have a rebellion

When I was in college I listened to the wrong women, and became conformed to the world.  Thank God I was too shy and had the remnants of too much sense to follow the cool kids as much as I wanted to.  Thank God I started going back to Mass. A lot women can't say that. They got messed up and are still miserable but don't even know why.

A few weeks ago there was a cheerleader/dance team convenetion in DC. Rocky, my mother and I were driving past the convention center on the way back from visiting my uncle in his nursing home. We saw a teenaged girl in a leotard and a jacket walking with her group back to their hotel. All the other girls pouring out of the convention cetner were wearing their team sweats, or their own clothes. This one kid was showing her  thighs and exposed lower portion of her buttocks on the street in 20 degree weather. She had to be cold, her skin was pasty white with blood red blotches. It was more importatnt to this poor kid to show her semi naked self than to the be warm or even comfortable and none of the adults with her seemed to be the least bit perturbed. Later that week we saw a prostitute working near Massachusetts Avenue. The prostitute was more covered than the middle to upper class (cheerleading and dance cost a LOT of money) teen. We live in a culture gone mad.

Another example of this was a young woman we saw in Costco. She was wearing jeans so tight that from a distance it looked like she was naked and painted  blue from the waist down. She immediately reminded me of the display female babboons put on when they are in heat. Women and girls are told by our society that we are supposed to make a crude show of ourselves but be outraged should any man respond to it in kind.  How schizophrenic is that? No, I'm not suggesting that we dress like Saudi women or the sour faced modernist pantsuit nuns but why does a girl have to be nearly naked in public in order to be  hip and "free?"  And why do we listen to the freaks who preach this? Love of public nudity is a sign of insanity, and/or the diabolical. We are in the world but it's dangerous to be of it. I'd rather be called a frump than be a "hot" mess of a spiritually deluded fool.


Sinder Ella said...

Very well put.

Anita Moore said...

Ven. Fulton Sheen said that nudity is a sign of the devil's work.

I remember one time I was in a convenience store parking lot when this gal got into the car next to mine cussing and swearing to the young man she was with over the fact that the male clerk inside the store had been staring at her rear end. She was dressed like a streetwalker. I came very close to saying, yeah, and you've taken such pains to cover it up!

For decades, we've been told it doesn't matter how we dress. The reality is, we women need to take responsibility for giving occasions of sin to men by dressing immodestly. And then we need to quit doing it.

Mrs. H. said...

It is sad enough when young women dress like streetwalkers. It is even sadder and more diabolical when mothers dress their little girls like prostitutes. Checked out any of the little girls departments in the stores lately?
and we wonder why pedophilia is on the rise? Good thing we know who wins this war. But in the meantime, may God have mercy.

Lola said...

I just told my eldest darling about the dangers of tight clothing:

People have no sense sometimes.

Mrs. H. said...

So have you seen the "nude stretchy pants"? A new low.

Josemaria Paulo Jeromino Martin Carvalho-Von Verster said...

Reminds me of Eve Ensler's dream of a world of naked women,without prudes or rapists.