Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mass was pretty rough on Monday

Rocky and I couldn't make it to our parish so we went to Mass at another local parish. It's a dainty little church, the priest is a nice man, the people are friendly and sincere. I like them so I won't say the name of the place. It was like I fell into a time machine and stepped out in 1976. Afterwards I said to Rocky that  the whole experience, except for Father's excellent and utterly orthodox homily, was like being a little kid again. There was ad-libbing, with the rubrics and a mild lack of cantor control. Rocky was bemused by the loud running commentary by young couple explaining the Mass to their  very cute and talented and not completely potty trained (he announced "I peed! I peed!," sometime around the Our Father), tot. It was sweet but LOUD. Oh well. It was pretty rough but considering our schedule and the horrible evening traffic that night I am thankful we were able to get Mass.


Gina Guarnere said...

Ooo, the loud couple. I have a question.

I definitely still explain stuff to Vince sometimes and I worry that I'm being loud. Lord knows Vince gets loud when he gets excited about something in particular (Look, Mommy, the light [candle] is on! Jesus is home [in the Tabernacle]!).

I'm glad you said your husband was bemused and not annoyed ('cause I always worry I'm annoying someone). That being said, kudos to this couple bringing their child to a daily Mass. Nice!

So my question: Any suggestions for parents who are trying to teach the faith during Mass? Especially since you can speak from the experience of having to be within earshot of parents who, like me, want to help their children appreciate the Mass?

Dymphna said...

I really don't mind a happy baby or little kid. For the sake of the ushers I was a little nervous as to where the tot behind us actually relieved himself but I think his parents were doing a good job. The main problem was that this was a chapel sized church and dad was using his at home on the couch voice. Baby was cute as could be though and he was so enthusiastic about seeing Jesus.

The best thing parents can do, might be what my Godmother did, she took me to novenas and adoration to get used to church. During Mass the most successful techniques I've seen are whispering commentary and either sitting in the front where Baby can see up close or in the back where Baby can see everything. The kids in the middle seem to miss a lot and naturally ask the questions.