Friday, January 02, 2015

Favorites of 2014

My favorite blogs in 2014
(She's as subtle as a punch in the mouth but every time I mutter, "Oh come on now, Ann", six months later she turns out to be absolutely right.)
(My all time favorite and the one site I check everyday)

 Best New Discoveries in 2014
Most people who have a link to the Douay Rheims bible link to the site that promotes the  "Poem of the Man God" by Maria Valtora.  I find this vulgar book to be stomach turning  and I don't want to use any site that supports it in any way so I went looking for an alternative. I found several and didn't really like any of them. Finally I came upon this one. It's clean, has lots of lovely white space and is readable. It has ads but they aren't offensive. 

Joseph Sciambra's blog. This man gets no attention in Catholic media, either printed or online but he's an important voice. He doesn't want to be your mascot, he's not cleverly injecting poison into the minds of Catholic laity and clergy and he calls sin, sin. He's also perfectly frank so if your computer is in the living room and you have children you should read him only when the little ones are not looking over your shoulder. 

David L. Gray He's taken his message to Twitter, on his blog, Facebook and has a phone app. He's not tame, and since he doesn't claim to live an idyllic life on his cozy estate in Catholic dream land, ordinary young Catholics or seekers can relate to him. 

Be Not Afraid: a book of quotes for Catholic men.  It's PDF only and is pretty inspiring for ladies too.