Monday, February 16, 2015

Religious art at the Walters

Rocky and I went to the Walters Museum in Baltimore to see the Medieval art exhibit. It was incredible.  It was very hard, to see the bishop's croziers, altar chalices and patens, and the reliquaries still holding the bones of saints in a museum instead of a church. I  made the sign of the cross before each relic holder and implored the saints to pray for us. When you first step off the elevator you will be in the main hall which looks like a church. Out of habit I almost genuflected. Rocky said he nearly did as well. We toured the Egyptian and Roman collections and because the museum was about to close we rushed through parts of the Renaissance and 18th century collections.

We saw one very famous painting, "The Christian Martyr's Last Prayer" by Jean-Leon Gerome. When you stand next to it and study the details you will get chills.

We also saw the a painting by an artist I'd never heard of but will be looking into in the future. Ary Scheffer who created this, "Christ Weeping Over Jerusalem"


newguy40 said...

My wife and I frequent the Franciscan missions in northern Cali. Beautiful items and history of our Faith.
At one of the missions there is a rather substantial sculpture of St Michael the Archangel in his classic pose over satan. A mother and her son were looking at the sculpture and the son remarked that he didnt know "who" those guys are... And, his mother didnt know either. I happily and gently explained to the who it was and the meaning of the overthrow of evil. They both looked at me like I was a recent escapee from an asylum. Brittle smile and a "thanks?" Anwyay... we do what we can.

Gina Guarnere said...

I really need to hop on the train for a day trip to Baltimore...