Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stay strong, dear Fathers....

Most people in Catholic blog and media land seem to think that the October synod is going to be a disaster (or a triumph depending on where you stand) and that priests will be ordered to give Holy Communion to adulterers. One priest has already said that he'll leave his public ministry before he does that----he used the phrase priestly ministry but  once ordained a man is a priest forever so he would be a priest without an assignment--- that's all.

I feel badly for this priest. Most of the comments from lay people  on various sites haven't been very sympathetic or useful. The best one I've read has been from Hilary White but she's mainly thinking about what lay people should do on their own behalf.

 Retiring from the field is exactly what the Church's enemies want good priests to do but on the other hand, every time a priest knowingly gives Our Lord to public, unrepentant sinners he contributes to their sin and sins himself. You can't commit mortal sin and say it's for the greater good. I'm reminded of a talk I heard that was given by a Franciscan priest who mentioned that he didn't want to get into trouble with his superiors but he wasn't going to Hell for any human respect and that hoped  he wouldn't recognize a public sinner if one presented himself in the Communion line. He was ready but was not looking forward to the prospect. Today, priests all over the world are faced with making a decision. If the time comes will they turn a blind eye to public sin or will they, as far as the world is concerned, ruin their lives?

Leaving a parish assignment and going to a prison, nursing home, reform school, group home, or college will be an option for some priests but not all of them. If he really ticks off his bishop a priest can be laicized and any priest who shows him friendship will be in trouble as well. IF the synod goes the way the smart, in-the-know people all say it will, then many good priests will have to suffer. From the day of their ordinations to the day they die, our priests have targets on their backs. Pray, pray, pray for them.

St. John Fisher, the only bishop in all of England who remained faithful, pray for us.
St. Athanatius, pray for us.
Mother Vogl, pray for us.
St. Bruno, pray for us.
St. Robert Bellarmine, pray for us.

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"If he really ticks off his bishop a priest can be laicized and any priest who shows him friendship will be in trouble as well."

As far as I knew, laicisation was the penalty for very grave offenses, not just for ticking off one's bishop.