Monday, August 03, 2015

Traveling can really make you appreciate your own parish

Rocky and I were on a road trip and had to go to a local parish for our Sunday obligation. It was interesting. The church was the drabbest I've ever seen, A Quaker or any Anabaptist could've walked in said, "Guys plain doesn't have to be this ugly." The people were very nice, they treat their elders with consideration and I was SO impressed by the kids. They were well behaved. The brat factor in Northern Virginia is so high it's a nice surprise seeing ten years olds sitting without video games or having to go to the restroom three times in an hour.  The homily was strange. The priest left the pulpit and gave his homily like a motivational speaker moving back and forth across the stage.  The music was totally Protestant and concert length. At one point the priest and the sulky altar girl were standing for an inordinately long time waiting while the guitars strummed and the choir sang on and on. Poor Father was visibly startled when Rocky received Communion on his tongue but recovered himself when I stepped up.
As for the altar girl.......why do parents force their kids to serve? If you daughter is scowling, dragging her feet, flipping her hair,  wearing makeup that makes her look like she just came out of a biker bar, slouching into the sacristy in booty shorts and a t-shirt that might fit a three year old or lounging by the altar before Mass I think she really doesn't want to be there. Maybe you are trying to show her who is boss but do you have to have this fight in Our Lord's house?

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newguy40 said...

It's fairly common (I'm sorry to say) for the priests to leave the ambo and descend in to the first 3 or 4 rows for the homily. There doesnt seem to be much rhyme or reason as to when and why. I've seen multiple priests stay or come down. It's rather odd and off putting. +shrug+
I've more or less ceased to try to instruct priests on these abuses.

Teen attitude is one more reason I'll never attend a "teen Mass" again.