Wednesday, November 25, 2015

About the cardinal's apartment....

Christine Niles of Church Militant says that Cardinal Wuerl, (whom I do not like at all), lives in an apartment in a 43 million dollar complex in one of DCs nicest neighborhoods. Well, yes, but the complex is Our Lady Queen of the Americas,  a Hispanic parish and home to the Senor de los Milagros devotion.  The Washington English Center, which teaches English to immigrants from all of the world, is located on the property as well. The cardinal lives on the top floor. Short of living in one of the black parishes I don't see how much more clever the cardinal could've been. All he has to do is walk through the church cafeteria, show the happy students at the school, or visit the tiny tots in their catechism class with a photographer and he or his surrogates can say, "I live with in the midst of one of the biggest ethnic parishes in DC, and yes, it's in a nice neighborhood. Do you have a problem with Hispanics having a nice parish?" The report hints that the cardinal lives like a king but unless they have photos of of his apartment or testimony from people who have seen it and are willing to give their names, Church Militant just has accusations and loose talk.  Depending on how he wants to play this, Church Militant could end up looking silly. If you would fight an enemy  you need to have a suitable weapon. Instead of a sword this report looks more like a water balloon. Sorry.

The Prince, the Evil Fairy and a magic sword of truth

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newguy40 said...

I'm not a fan on Cdl Wuerl either. You analysis is spot on.

I don't expect or (in most cases) want the princes of the Church to live in penury. That is not their role or the example I would hope for. What I want from them is orthodoxy and courage in the face of this secular modernist (nihilist) culture. In other word, be the holy priest and shepherd God wants you to be and you accepted when you were ordained and elevated.