Friday, February 19, 2016

Pope on a plane---tears on a pillow

I figured that the pope's trip to Mexico would have some cringe inducing moments but I didn't think it would be this bad: he got into American politics and kicked open a hornet's nest. Stephen Knox of Magnificat Radio observed the backlash to the pope's political remarks and thinks it shows how anti-Catholic America really is. Maybe. Without going as far back as Martin Luther and the Anglican schism, the conditions that fed the backlash are not new. A lot of people were already ticked off at Catholics over legal immigration. They look at the expensive and secretive immigrant resettlement industry and blame us for it.

You can tell your Protestant or pagan neighbor that Catholic Charities doesn't represent all Catholics and that the Episcopalians and Jewish groups also contribute heavily to resettlement but he won't hear it. He's complaining online and in person to all his friends that "the Catholics" sponsored the Somali family next door who have never seen a stove or a washing machine before and regularly need the services of the fire department.  Now, it sounds to your exasperated  neighbor  that the Holy Father just gave us marching orders to show a preference to Mexicans and other Hispanic nationals over the wishes, needs, and lives of our fellow Americans.  Yes, Evangelicals are anti Catholic to the core on a good day as are many Baptists but the comments of the Holy Father did not help and convinced a lot nasty, ignorant people that they are right about Catholics.

For too many people massive illegal immigration has come at a price paid in their loved one's blood. Last year a nice old lady in a border state was killed by a teen aged illegal alien. She was Catholic and I doubt that the bishop or anyone from her diocese chancery showed up at her funeral.  A few years ago a  kid was killed by illegal aliens in his own yard. That young man's father filmed a campaign spot for  Donald Trump. I just read another horrible story about a woman who's son was tortured and killed by individuals who never should have been in this country. She's has publicly stated that the pope doesn't care about [people like] her. I can not imagine being so cruel as to tell any of these family members to their faces that they are not Christian because they want a border wall.  I have no idea what the Holy Father understands or thinks and neither do the so-called Vatican experts. I do know that he landed a hard blow on a deep national bruise and the pain is still throbbing. Vatican spokesmen have tried to clarify what Pope Francis said, and apologists are downplaying it but it's too late.  This interview will lead to tears.


Steve Dalton said...

I'm tired of this addle-headed Argentine. Can some Cardinals declare him an illegal alien, and deport him from Vatican City?

Mark Docherty said...

"I’m proclaiming that a sovereign nation has not just a right, but indeed a duty, to defend its border and protect its citizens."

TLM said...

This Holy Father is totally out of control with his controversial interviews and comments. And it seems that no one in the Vatican has any sensible Catholic influence on him. But, if you think about it, he has surrounded himself with clergy such as this. I'm tired of hearing that his words are 'misinterpreted' by the media and that there is a 'language barrier' and the translations are incorrect. It's getting to be similar to the Democrats playing the race card. You can only do that for so long before it becomes totally and ridiculously irrelevant. He isn't proclaiming Catholic doctrine on boarder control or for a great many other issues as well!! Trump or hate him, what concern is it to him or to the Catholic world in general his 'personal feelings' on Trump's 'Christianity'??? This Holy Father is really outrageous in his 'off the cuff' comments. Does he realize the damage being done???

Roseanna Hatke said...

Yes, he does. And he doesn't care.....remember he said soon after being chosen pope, "make a mess!". He is doing a fine job of it and Satan is laughing his head off.

Marie said...

Not only is the Pope's suggested open border stance dangerous to national security. Open border policy is also unfair to would-be immigrants already standing in the legal immigration line.

Filipinos, for example, are made to wait 10-to-20 years before they are admitted, if ever.

Open border is a slap on those following the law, where people walking through are automatically given a pass just because they are poor. Well, so are many on the legal waiting line - they are poor.

I also thought the Pope's Mass held at the border was a political bait, a taunt to the US. How sad that he used the Holy Mass as a political tool.

Gina Guarnere said...

I think this is a worthwhile and necessary read for people. I really do.

Joe Potillor said...

Pope Francis and planes do not seem to get along, it's more than time for interviews to stop.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"I'm tired of this addle-headed Argentine. Can some Cardinals declare him an illegal alien, and deport him from Vatican City?"

If he was guilty of heresy previous to election, he would certainly qualify as illegal alien from Vatican p o v - the traditional, that is.

I think he did.

Calling him "addle headed" is an insult to those who hear these words more often.

Steve Dalton said...

I assume that "addle-headed" is applied to you quide often because of your ridiculous claim that mental illnesses are a myth. I agree it's insulting. Stupid is the right word to use. Mental illnesses are real, contrary to what so-called "experts" like Szaaz and Breggin say. Read "The Reality Of Mental Illness". It was written to refute Szaaz and Breggin's idiocy.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

You might be somewat addle headed yourself, if you can't even give an author's name for the book you recommend.

Or is it a collective work?

As long as I know people I consider sane being tagged with a diagnosis I consider idiotic, I will prefer Szasz.

Madness is a reality - it is also one twentieth to one tenth of the cases who are locked up. The rest are there to give wages to more shrinks and personnel.

Steve Dalton said...

It has been several years since I've read the book. Since I've got limited space in my small house, I can only have so many books at a time in my book case. The rest I have to put in storage. And if I can't remember the name(s) of the author(s), big whoop. I gave you the title of the book. so go to the library, or Amazon, and get a copy already, instead of using an ad hominem argument against me.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

You are right to reject ad hominems.

However, you were a bit willing to use one about me, weren't you?

Perhaps "quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi" or sth?

The Reality of Mental Illness
by Martin Roth (Author), Jerome Kroll (Author)

Is that it?