Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Church suffers

“People, they destroyed the Mass! They eradicated the liturgy! They looted the sanctuaries of every church in Christendom! They, quite literally, raped the children. They’ve been lying to and abusing the faithful for 50 years! And the pirates who have inherited this whimpering and broken prisoner of a Church are ready now to administer the coup de grace.”  Hilary White Whats UpWith Francis Church?  

I read this and my ears began to burn and I felt tears trying to well up in my eyes. I think Miss White is correct and I see why people have reacted by to what's been going on in the Church by pretending that things are really getting better and that bad stuff only happens occasionally. I also get why people indulge in the belief that we don't have a pope at all. 


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Or, that the pope we have is someone outside the "Bergoglio-Ratzinger" couple.

Alejandro IX, Pope Michael, Boniface X ... the Palmarian Pope ... others.

John Forrester said...

I really liked the episode 18 on why we worship on church.It gave me such a spiritual feeling.Now I think I should help churches in church financing so that people can have more opportunity to worship and can be touched with Jesus.