Sunday, August 07, 2016

A tale of two "devout" men

King Robert the Pious, ( I suspect that sobriquet was a little joke by his people) was excommunicated because he divorced his wife and marred Bertha, his cousin.  After a long time in the wilderness, Pope Sylvester allowed him back and the marriage to Bertha was annulled. Some time  later King Robert married Constance but still was consorting with Bertha. He even traveled to Rome to ask Pope Sergius IV to let him divorce Constance and take Bertha back.  The pope told him something along the lines of "Look Bob. I am not going to agree to you marrying your own cousin. Get the heck out of here." King Robert went back to Queen Constance and had several children.  He may have continued fornicating with Bertha but their sins produced only produced one still born son.
In the present day Vice President Joe Biden, who calls himself devout, officiated the union between two men. It's no rumor. He was pleased as punch to tell it and there are photos. Cardinal Wuerl will probably smile his cool reptilian smile and shake the Vice President's hand the next time they see each other.*

* I have a question? Can any Catholic, whether he is a judge, a clerk of the court, a notary or the chief or vice chief  executive officers of the United States officiate at any kind of civil marriage?

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Answering your question, in France certainly yes.

In France a civil marriage is usually required before the Church marriage, even by Church - always so to speak by state, which does not attach legal meaning to Church marriages.

In US?

Hmmmmm ... I guess a civil marriage between two nonbaptised persons of opposite sex might be OK, since they are anyway not eligible for marriage in Church?