Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stop the man bashing!

A priest went hiking with his sister who complained that she couldn't find a man. The priest noticed that most of the hikers were female and innocently, I believe, wondered where the men were. Father did not say what day he went hiking but if it was on a week day I'm guessing that the men were at work. My husband's day off is in the middle of the week and when he goes out during the day he usually only sees young women, babies and dogs in the parks. We see plenty of male hikers on Saturday and Sunday. The really interesting thing about this column was that the male readers spoke back and expressed distaste with what they had read. A few months ago I saw an essay about building better Catholic men and I wondered why nobody ever asks about building better Catholic women? I'm sick of the man bashing that has gone on for years in our pulpits and Catholic publications. All young men are not effeminate cads and they aren't all sitting on the couch playing video games.