Friday, March 24, 2017

Benedict Option? Nope

There has been more talk recently about Rod Dreher's Benedict Option book. I remain unimpressed. Quietly stepping out of public life and and peaceably going about our business will not work. The Devil will not leave us alone in our little country enclaves and neither will his servants on earth. Ask the laypeople, nuns, monks and priests who were martyred by the Tudors, the Communists and the Nazis.

Instead of trying to hide out let's look at what St. Benedict actually did. He worked to save souls. He built. He preserved learning. Let's look at the history of Spain. From Pelayo to Isabella is a long time. Nobody who was with Pelayo and saw the first victory against the Moors lived to see Isabella finally drive them out. There will not be instant gratification but Catholics, instead of bleating to the world, "Look, do as you please, just leave us in peace!", how about going on the offensive?   It took the evil people who infested our church and schools, and politics decades to get things to where they are now. Why do you think --without a miracle that a correction would be instant? It takes much longer to build than it does to destroy.

Someone is muttering, "Okay Dymphna, what do we do?" Well for a start, let's stop feeding the beast. Stop following the crowd. Go home after work instead of getting bombed at happy hour. Get married and have children. Reject feminism and any other ism that isn't Catholicism. Refuse to give to any heretical groups or disobedient, modernist orders. Don't give to Catholic Charities. Don't give to anything run by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Refuse to give money to a parish that has a prima dona priest or leave the parish. Read old Catholic books. Do not allow immorality in your house. If that means  telling your elderly mother than no, she can not come to your place with her new "husband" and sleep in the same guest bedroom then so be it. Be polite to your brother and his boyfriend at family events do not have them at your place. Live your life in such a way that your children will not be able to look back and remember that you preached a lot but backed down whenever it was inconvenient or painful.

Don't send your kids to Catholic-in-name-only high schools and colleges. In fact, don't demand that your kid go to college at all if he or she has no interest in the medical, legal, architectural or scientific professions. Community college and trade schools won't leave them in debt until they are 50 and will actually give them skills that will make them employable. None of these things require that you move to a compound in the backwoods and wait for the FBI to show up with a flamethrower.


Куда ты идёшь? said...

Amen. Thanks for this, it's empowering.

Soli Beata said...

Assuming you read the book, you might have missed the point of the the book. Its how to live as a Christian in a post Christian nation which is where we are. Its not running away, but reorganizing, renewing then engaging. You can stay right where you are, but its the renewal across all Christianity of Bible and traditional Christianity. We have be one as Chritians self absorped and consumer oriented. We as Catholic Christrians have allowed the government to take our individual personal role in the corporal/spiritual works of mercy, but
its not the Spirit Of Christ in either one. Its Big Brother. Thiz book is about seeing clearly problem and using exactly what Benedict did. He answered the call to draw closer to God, ie doing His will. In doing this, civilization was preserved until the ground was fertile to be replanted.

Leon Berton said...

To confront secularism on its own grounds, we need ideas of ventures that are not retreats from the world, but ones that engage with it.

Read the essay in the September, 2016 issue off "New Oxford Review," entitled "Why We Need a New Model for Catholic Higher Education," along with two responses to the essay in "Letters to the Editor" in the November issue by Dr. Jude Dougherty and Dr. Dennis McInerny, with the original essay's author, Dr. Michael Ewbank.

Shadowfax said...

Thank you for saying, "Don't send your kids to Catholic-in-name-only high schools or colleges." Even among more orthodox Catholic parents, there is a mentality that they have to send their children where all the fun stuff is, and where they supposedly get the education that will get them into the "right" colleges. Over the years watching people do this, I have witnessed dozens of children raised in devout households lose their faith, get involved in drugs and alcohol, or become single parents, all while their parents are paying the equivalent of mortgage payments each month to have their children ruined. Most of the ones that come through with any faith intact seem to have it weakened and are often indistinguishable from secular young people. And rarely is the academic teaching all that good, anyway. But homeschooling or putting their children into faithful Catholic schools is something too many parents just don't want to do, because they don't want to go against the grain and do something different than what all their peers do or expect them to do.

James said...

Vatican II sucks.

Jerome said...

Lenin once famously quipped, "You may not be interested in the Revolution, but the Revolution is interested in you."

newguy40 said...

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you." Pericles.

I'm on the far left (and I do meam LEFT coast). Candidly, I see the condition of the Church top to bottom. I see the condition of the country that advocates lawlessness in it's Sanctuary cities (and the Bishops and priests who support them) and I conclude that we are going to have a civil war both in the Church and country.

There is going to be a beating. Mark my words.