Friday, April 21, 2017

All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain by Randy Engel--- a sobering read

“If I were at any time to set out on a career of deceit, it would be of Miss Marple that I should be afraid.”
----from “The Murder at the Vicarage” by Agatha Christie

I was reading the Restoring DC Catholicism blog and saw a post about Randy Engel's latest article. Miss/Mrs.(?) Engel is the author of the The Rite of Sodomy — Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church,  and she  is as close to the fictional Miss Marple as you’ll find in Catholics circles. In the Christie novels the villains never gave Miss Marple any thought right up until the moment she connects the dots for everyone. Randy Engel has been an investigative journalist for nearly five decades and now with her long article,  "All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain, ”  she's doggedly connected a very messy pile of dots. If you’ve ever spent money on Church Militant TV, Fr. Paul Nicholson or to E. Michael Jones you need to read this. If you are curious as to why even some of the most gentle and fair minded  Catholics get apopletic  about Opus Dei, you need to read this.  It is not a defense of Michael Voris but an assessment of some things in and left out of the book E. Michael Jones wrote about him last year. It's an unnerving article that will probably be ignored by most of Catholic blogland and that is too bad. One thing I don't understand is this: many devout Catholics if asked about Opus Dei will say that while they don't necessarily want to join it,  St. John Paul II embraced it and that's good enough for them. If CMTV is/was  a media apostolate of OD why hide it?

I wrote to Miss Engel with Oakes's questions and  a couple of my own. I don't know if the email address I found is still active or how often she checks it but hopefully she'll get back to me. 


Oakes Spalding said...

To be honest, I don't really get it. In the piece, there seems to be only minimal analysis of the Jones book. Engel wants to argue that all of the parties in the recent Church Militant related soap opera have links with Opus Dei, though, as far as I can tell, she doesn't succeed in establishing that for the central character - Voris. But what does that have to do with Jones' book? There's all sorts of gossip and jokey little asides, but it's not clear what they're all supposed to prove except that SOMETHING BAD is going on. What? Let's assume, for example, that, say, Fr. Nicholson is a jerk (although the evidence for that seems at most circumstantial), why did he turn on Voris? And what is the larger significance of it. Am I missing something?

Dymphna said...

I got the impression from the Jones book that Fr.Nicholson turned on Voris because he was upset by a proposed plan to follow a cardinal around to get proof that he was gay. I'm not sure about the larger significance.

Oakes Spalding said...

Right. But that's what Jones said. So, I expected Engel to make some claim about why Nicholson REALLY tuned against him (she kept implying that she had done an "expose" on how people were "fooled") or whatever. But, instead, all we got was gossip, dark mutterings and a generic 10 page description of how weird Opus Dei is.

raphaelheals said...

I managed to read the whole article but I expected to understand more at the end. I had no knowledge of the book written. If Michael Jones and Father Paul Nicolson have turned on Michael Voris and he is now in Opus Dei's 'bad books',would Michael Voris not be banned from the group? The fact that Voris constantly goes after bishops is against Opus Dei's principles so I am not sure what we are left with here. I would like to read the book but I don't want to give E Michael Jones the money. I found it very troubling that Father Paul would commit the sin of detraction against a former spiritual child of his.

Dymphna said...

Oakes, I wrote to Miss Engel. I'll let you know what she says if she responds to me.

SRUN POR said...

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