Friday, May 26, 2017

Parents, don't buy that album and leave that ticket at the box office

When I was in high school I loved listening to Prince. My mother did not.  When he came to town it never even occurred to me to ask her to let me go to his concert and Hell would have frozen over before she would have ever gone to it with me. There was just no way she would have degraded herself in that manner.

Parents, don't try to be your kid's buddy and please don't go along with what's cool with all the other parents. A ten year old girl doesn't have any money of her own. The only way she gets to buy the album of a particular singer is if you buy it for her.  She can't order the singer's merchandise herself, you do it. She didn't go out and find someone to sing about various sex acts to her in the kitchen, you let the filth in the house yourself.

I would have enjoyed listening to Prince in my room with the record player cranked as high as it would go but it was my mother's house and she didn't like that nasty stuff and you know what? I respected her. I think a lot of the buddy/parents who buy crap for their kids and groove to it along with them are robbing themselves of something. You would go completely mad if you found an adult sitting in your living room talking smut to your little girl and you'd cut all ties to your best friend if you caught her instructing your daughter in how to perform a sex act so why do you go along with the nasty music?  If your little girl is singing about a wrist icicle,then the blame is on your shoulders. It's your house. It's your money. It's your child.


gracem said...

Absolutely right!!!

newguy40 said...

Good advice. We struggled mightily with my older boy in the area of movies, TV, video games.
And especially music. Some of the stuff he wanted to listen to was basically violence pron.
He didnt realize (unlike his Dad) what a big emotional influence music can be on a person.

My mother didnt like me listening to Led Zeppelin. Too much SEX for her Catholic tastes.