Saturday, June 03, 2017

I'll point it out again, a married priesthood will not prevent pedophile cases

The Orthodox have married priests and yet they have  had pedophilia cases. Rabbi's get married and yet although it doesn't make the national news, rabbi's have been arrested for seducing boys and girls.  In order to avoid the mess of a dating pastor some  Baptist congregations never  hire a pastor unless he shows  up to the first interview already married. The situation of the married preacher having sex with women members of the church is such a common story it's the subject of many, many jokes, books and films. Those married preachers have been caught with under-aged boys and girls too.  And don't forget, multiple Protestant denominations have had scandal, misery and financial expense over the Youth Minister.

The pervert who enjoys sex with pre-pubescent children or teenagers is a crafty monster.  He will assume any disguise in order to get access to them. He will marry a woman he has no sexual interest in just to get at her children and in some cases, their friends. He will join organizations that cater to children. The Boy Scouts have paid out big settlements due to  predatory Scout Masters.  Numerous Summer camps have had "trouble" with married and presumed normal, camp counselors molesting the young campers.  A new story about teachers and their students seems to make the headlines every day. Dedicated perverts have sat for years in seminary  classrooms and gotten themselves ordained in order to  hide behind a clerical collar or cassock. . Do you actually think that sex with a woman or even just a farcical marriage can cure perverted sexual desires? Malignant narcissists wouldn't have any qualms about using some woman as an extra layer of disguise. Anyone who thinks that a married priesthood would stop pedophilia is about as pitiful and dangerous as the South African men who cling to the filthy superstition that sex with a virgin will cure AIDS.