Saturday, October 28, 2017

random thoughts on a Saturday morning

  • I think the Weinstein's story's timing is suspect. Mainly because Hollywood is a brothel and has been for 100 years.  Weinstein, has been a rutting beast for decades and he's not the only one so what's the real reason  this is all coming out now?

  • I was listening to Ann Barnhardt's podcast #33 and she points out some stuff at  the 1:04:05 mark which has bothered me about Fr. Reggie Foster for years. I've seen tributes to him from several traditional Catholics and it left me quite puzzled.

  • People act like the US was the first place in the West to have legal abortion. Not so. England embraced this sin back in 1967. In fact, one of the arguments for abortion in the US was that we were behind our "sophisticated" European neighbors. England has been punished. The number one boy's name in London is Mohamed and and English person can be arrested for bothering a Muslim.  Looking at our history from WWI onward, it appears that the "The English or the Europeans do it argument...." usually brings moral and physical misery.

  • Apparently priests in Rome are just waiting for Pope Francis to die.   That's not going to fix anything. The troubles in the Church didn't die with John XXII or Paul VI. Once bad stuff starts it lives beyond the man who introduced it. 

  • I hate sissified paintings of Our Lord. This very popular one has always repulsed me. Our Lord was a man. He did not wear mascara, eyeliner or rouge. 

A far superior image