Thursday, November 23, 2017

Three days in the country and other random thoughts

Mother most amiable, pray for us

  • Did Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ actually do any priestly work? Did he say Mass anywhere, offer any sacraments such as matrimony and confession, visit the sick,.....attempt to convert any Chinese in the 20 years he spent there? It seems like his primary interests were  writing flaky stuff and digging up bones.

  • Rocky took two days off instead of his usual one so we decided to take a short road trip to Southern Maryland. We stayed at a very nice place in Port Tobacco. On Thursday morning we  went to the 7:15  Mass at the Carmelite convent  and later we looked  at juvenile cormorants at a near by marina  and visited the oldest continuous parish in America, St. Ignatius at Chapel Point. Father was nice enough to give us an impromptu tour and we prayed at the cemetery. Lunch was at a terrific little La Plata, Maryland diner and then we rolled over to Sacred Heart church for adoration.  For dinner we ate at Galazio's, a very nice Greek restaurant. The next day we went to the Thomas Stone historic site --the ranger gives a great tour---and annual Amish quilt auction and later St. Joseph's in Pomfret for Mass.  The people in this parish are so genuinely nice. I'd be happy to go back.

     One thing I really appreciated was that St. Joseph's has a sensible website. When people are traveling and looking for a Mass we don't care about the Little Mother's group, the altar server of the day or the parish mission statement, nor do we want to see pictures of the CCD outing from last year. I really don't care one jot or tittle about how busy  social the parish is. All of that stuff is nice but secondary.  

  • Whenever you meet a man who (it's usually men) who wants you to follow him because his Catholicism is cool and edgy and the Holy Spirit told him X, Y or Z and he's written a book....RUN, especially if you are female. In fact any time someone presents you with hip Catholicism you can be sure that at best you have a person who is ashamed of his or her Faith and wants to make it acceptable to the cool kids. 

  • The Salem witch trials began because four girls  accused people of incredible and physically impossible acts. The authorities believed them and people went to jail and to their executions. Finally the accusations came so fast and furious and became so ridiculous that the whole thing fell apart. When packs of  adolescent or menopausal females suddenly    began making coordinated attacks it behooves the wise observer to stop and take a minute to wonder if something else isn't going on.