Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Cardinal Dolan never misses a chance to disappoint

When I saw the photos from the Met Gala I thought that the one good thing was that Cardinal Dolan wasn't there. Well he was.  I don't expect much from Cardinal Dolan. He loves the spotlight. He loves glitter and glam and he wants to be with the cool kids but this......damn.  Our Lord's Sacred Heart was mocked. Our Lady's Sorrowing and Immaculate heart was mocked. The Bride of Christ, His Church that He suffered the Passion for and died for was mocked.  

Please don't give me the mealey mouthed excuse of  "Oh well Jesus ate with sinners." When Our Lord ate with tax collectors and prostitutes those poor sinners were so moved by Him that they changed their lives forever.  Where in the Gospels does it say that Our Lord partied with sinners and then sent them on their ways to continue living the same sinful life?  Our Lord did not tell Mary Magdalene to tone it down a bit. He cast devils out of her and she became a great saint. Matthew, the tax collector left his wealth and followed Christ. He accepted hardship, danger, discomfort and martyrdom for love of Jesus. Cardinal Dolan had a fun time with blasphemers and  claims to have been honored to have been invited. After the gala he cheerfully said that  he didn't see anything sacrilegious and " I may have seen some things in poor taste - but I didn't detect anybody out to offend the Church."   Really? Your Eminence, you are not blind and neither are the laity who you are supposed to be teaching.  Even though the Vatican approved of this event and lent items (sacramentals?)  for the displays you didn't have to be there having a wonderful time.