Sunday, June 10, 2018

Random thoughts on a Sunday afternoon

June is the month of the Sacred Heart. I neither acknowledge, bow my head nor bend my knee to 
anything else.

I know someone who married a narcissist. He isolated her and made the rest of us think that she was crazy. Eventually she stopped the gas-lighting and left him.  Looking back on it, I now remember certain things he did or said and realize that he was telling us all what kind of man he was but we just didn't see it. It was as if he'd worked some kind of glamour* that masked his true self. Bad people always tell us exactly who they are. The elites hate ordinary people. Deep down, hate is their meat and drink. They can't just enjoy their money leave the rest of us in peace. The urge to dominate, destroy and make the victim say "thanks," is just too demonically strong. Sometimes it takes wisdom to recognize this and sometimes it's so obvious that even a blind man can see when the glamour weakens and the mask slips off. 
  • A comedian said publicly that he hopes the economy crashes into another Great Depression and regular American suffer because the person he voted for didn't win the presidency. Most of his fans laughed at his witty little "joke".....

  • Anthony Bourdain  apparently hanged himself with his own bathrobe belt. The elites call this a tragedy but  cheer when the old, the depressed and the sick are coerced into "assisted suicide" or when babies are dismembered, stabbed or poisoned in abortion....

  •  The pope says even the poor must do their part to save the earth and give up using fossil fuel. Taken to the extreme that means no cooking, heating one's home or traveling further than your horse can carry  you. This sounds like something out of the gulags. The pope himself has not pledged to never get on a plane again and remain in Rome for the rest of his papacy and I haven't heard anyone complaining about heat and body odor at the Vatican because of the lack of air conditioning.....

  • In England the authorities have known for decades that poor girls and girls in foster care frequently fall victim to slick talking, seducing pimps and did nothing. Social workers and police officers who tried to their jobs were told to hush because the girls were just fast, common little tramps anyway and anyone who interfered were racists. I've never seen a single news/gossip story about an upper class 13 English year old girl openly "dating" a Pakistani man with her parent's approval. Funny that....



    1. the quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, especially by a combination of charm and good looks.
    2. excitement, adventure, and unusual activity:the glamour of being an explorer.
    3. magic or enchantment; spell; witchery.