Friday, January 04, 2019

What kind of untity are you talking about?

 I keep seeing all these dreary posts on Catholic Twitter demanding that people be nice and stop disagreeing with one another in the name of unity. Unity ofwhat?  If you're going to call people stupid, weird, uncouth, and so far beneath you that it's not even worth being civil to them because they dare to disagree with you on a non dogmatic matter then you're way too much like the initially bland but ultimately vicious pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers screaming at some survivor who managed not to get assimilated into the alien union.

 Think how boring Catholic Twitter and Catholic blogland would be if everyone was the same. I don't want unity with the pod people. One person that I really liked became downright ugly towards anyone who has questions about Pope Benedict's abdication. I lost respect for this person and just feel a bit sad when I see this individual's posts, articles, and Tweets. It's rather like the moment when Nancy in Invasion realizes that Donald Sutherland didn't make it and has become one the aliens.