Sunday, September 22, 2019

not a gentleman

I stopped reading 1P5 partly because there just haven't been very many interesting essays for some time  and partly because I've been mystified by Steve Skojec's Jekyll and Hyde behavior. 1P5 Steve writes beautifully and is very impressive. Have you ever heard one of his podcasts? He has an excellent voice and some of the early ones were profound.  Facebook and Twitter Steve, on the other hand, can be so mean that  it really is like two different guys and when I first noticed it, the behavior was shocking. Now it's become a pattern and I'm tired of his act. 

Trash talking  about Ann Bernhardt's looks is definitely not the act of a gentleman. First off, Ann is not his woman. What she looks like is none of his business and he should restrict his attentions to his own wife. He has said that he couldn't help but notice that she looks different over the years but who doesn't, including him?  I don't want to read anymore excuses about his years with the Legionnaires making him prone to moodiness. A bad time in one's youth does not bestow a life time pass that requires other people to just accept rude behavior without comment. I don't see myself ever clicking  on the 1P5 site page again.