Friday, March 13, 2020

Random thoughts on a weird memory and weirder present

  • Back when Rocky and I had only been married for two years he had to go on a four week business trip to New Jersey. One night I was lying in bed when suddenly the room felt strange. It was raining heavily and stormy and our bed was by the window so I could see outside. There was an ozone and electrical smell and then a crackling, hissing ball of green lightning floated in. I just lay there frozen and watched it float back out. When it left, the smell went with it. After a while I got up, shut the window and fell asleep. I'd thought that ball lightning only happened near bodies of water but apparently not always.

  • The DC diocese has cancelled Mass and so far the Arlington diocese  has not followed. I've seen many people who get angry that other people are sad about not being able to attend Mass but I haven't seen anyone make suggestions about what they are going to do on Sunday in addition one's usual daily prayers. You could try reading the Breviary, or doing the Missa Sicca devotion.  or meditate on the Mass readings.  Watching the shut in Mass on TV or the computer is an option of course. I hope the more internet savvy priests will live stream themselves saying Mass for their parishioners.

  • My mother was on the bus this week and a man in back began coughing. He kept on coughing and it was a deep, wet, wracking cough. He was obviously sick with something. People began looking around and murmuring started. Finally another passenger reached into his bag and pulled out a mask. He handed some out to the people who were sitting near him. The murmuring grew louder and someone called out to the driver to stop the bus and remove coughing guy.  My mother got off at the next stop, which was not hers but she was afraid fists were going to start flying and she did not want to be trapped on the bus with that. This hysteria was funny when it was just people stacking toilet paper to the ceiling but it's getting ugly now. It's only a matter of time before some poor sod gets punched in the face for coughing.

  • Breakfast At Tiffany's was about a prostitute. Medjugorje is a scam. C.S. Lewis was not Catholic. Everyone involved in the film, Pretty Baby should have been whipped. You don't have to go to college to be a good Catholic.

  • In your charity could you spare a prayer for Geska Lima? She is fighting the same cancer that my later mother-in-law had.