Sunday, February 21, 2021

What becomes of the broken-hearted?

Been interviewing Orthodox priests - they will speak with me about issues that are important to me; while I have interviewed some brave Catholic priests - most will say: I support what you are doing, but I can't speak to you, I am afraid of my bishop.

— Joseph Sciambra @ The Sons of St. Joseph (@sonsofstjoseph) February 11, 2021



Lately, I've begun to find Joseph Sciambra annoying but then I catch myself and remember that he's been through Hell for most of his life. His body was so abused that he now has to wear adult diapers and the abuse to his soul would break most people. So, this recent kick that he's on about the manliness of the Orthodox and how impressive Orthodoxy is, probably comes from the rage over what he has lived through and his disappointment that Catholic priests aren't fulfilling his father/hero hunger. 

I think that Joseph has done some good but perhaps he needs to go be silent and work on his bitterness. It's poisoning him and will drive him right out of the Church. And then what? What will the poor man do when he realizes that there are sinners among the Orthodox too? What will he do when he discovers that even a man with a beard and a basso profundo voice and a comely wife with kids can be stealing from the collection plate, fornicating with males and or females or preying on the innocent young? What will happen to this man's psyche when he realizes that  not only will he never really fit in whatever Orthodox church he runs to, but he's also left the one true Church for a counterfeit? 

So many people are angry, hurt and completely knocked off their feet by the failures, abuses, and rank  abominations  of Francis, the bishops and individual priests. Broken-hearted sheep are being scattered and I've yet to see anyone, not one of the celebrity priests, the e-priests, or any of the fatheads in Catholic media talk about how many people are going Orthodox.