Saturday, April 10, 2021

So why did a bunch of Trad Inc. folks and their fans go after a lone essayist?

 For a long time I've wondered why nobody seemed to have a problem with Charles Coulombe's tarot card reading.  After watching the Tweet attacks on Alistair McFadden  for mentioning Coulombe in his essay I was really taken aback. Coulombe does not hide his tarot reading. He's done it on a camera for years so nobody who is a serious fan of his can say that they didn't know about it or that he has not read tarot cards in public in the past.  You can't accuse Mr. McFadden of calumny or detraction. People who have only seen Coulombe's interviews on history with Sensus Fidelium or Taylor Marshall are probably shocked right now but they are the only ones. 

I think his serious fans look up to him because he represents a boyish fantasy. He is living proof that you can go to the traditional Mass and still be "sophisticated". You can bounce off to Europe and hang out with pretenders to obscure, defunct thrones. You can be so much more nuanced, smarter and classier and better dressed  than the working class guys at your chapel or parish. You are at heart  a intellectual....a prince, and if anyone questions Sir Charles well then, they must be a common small-minded ignorant fool. I suspect that this kind of silly thinking is one the reasons of why the tarot thing has been ignored for so long. 

It's all juvenile nonsense of course. A Catholic should not be fooling around with tarot cards any more than you should play with a ouija board or any kind of occultism. You know this. If your sensus fidie is disturbed by a particular thing then that is your warning from Heaven to avoid it and anyone pushing it. So, what does it mean that certain Professional Catholics have leapt to Coloumbe's defense? It means that you should back away from those people and shut the door behind you.