Tuesday, June 15, 2021

There's nothing new under the sun

  •  The was an 1960s sci-fi episode from Outer Limits or One Step Beyond where a group of well intentioned scientists decide that the world needed to be terrorized into peace. They build a spaceship and the youngest and handsomest of them volunteers to be genetically altered to look like an alien. The process is irreversible. The "hero" says good-bye to his remarkably understanding wife and sets off on his mission which is to land in DC or the UN and give a speech along the lines of " Do these things and be peaceful or we will destroy you." Fortunately the plan goes awry and instead of landing in DC or New York the ship crashes in a small town and the noble scientist gets lit up by some good ole boys who unwittingly save the world from a group of smug, mad scientists who thought they knew what was best for the entire planet. 
    I was a kid when I saw that episode and I didn't like it one bit. I still don't. 

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us.