Friday, January 14, 2022

the Skojec saga isn't over but I think people are starting to realize that something is horribly wrong

 I was  just  looking back at my old posts that mention Steve Skojec. I liked him in the beginning but around 2014, I started noticing that he was changing. He got vicious and seemed to enjoy wallowing in drama. I remember when he attacked Ann Barnhardt's looks and when he later "jokingly" called her insane. That was foul and I don't think anybody in his circle or any professional Catholics publicly called him out on it. Shame on them.  I also remember when he started having tantrums and carrying on claiming to be struggling with his Faith in public.  And then we had the bizarre spectacle of him, a self appointed Catholic influencer who hated praying the Rosary and  didn't even go to Mass. Now he's either apostatized or is flirting with it. 

There are probably many lessons to take from this saga but the one that really captures my attention right now is this: God gave us the Church, the priesthood and the saints. Cling to the Doctors of the Church. Cling to the Catechism. Cling to the sacraments God gave us. Do not make some articulate person with an Internet presence into your Catholic guide.