Wednesday, February 23, 2022

random thoughts on a Wednesday


  • I am not a Taylor Marshall fan but I must say that the idea of him or any adult  debating Michael Voris seems ridiculous. 

  • A lot of people seem to want war with Russia over Ukraine. I wish these people would get on a plane with their sons, grandsons and nephews and leave the rest of the country out of it. 

  • It started before the Obama years but became insane in his era, but when will people realize that this cult of personality; this worship of the president is unhealthy? I've seen people react to others with a different political view point as if they've committed blasphemy. Because they worship their guy or gal, anyone who doesn't' is an enemy, an apostate and an evildoer. This is sick, pathetic and dangerous. I've seen this on the Left AND the Right.  The president is suppose to be the chief executive, not your god emperor. 

  • A lot of people need to hear what Father is saying. He doesn't mention it and probably didn't have time to get into it in a homily  but one terrible case of the public being lied to was the Mississippi Appendectomy. It wasn't an appendectomy and it wasn't just Mississippi. It happened all over the South with the approval, financial support and propaganda from government officials, Northeastern philanthropists and organizations like Planned Parenthood. Women, who were considered stupid, incorrigible, or mentally sub-normal or suffering from depression went in a surgery they were told was needed and were actually sterilized. Eugenics was practiced in the USA long before WWII and in a less heavy handed public way, it still is. 

  • Col. Allen West is running for governor of Texas. He says he'll revoke the

    charity license of Catholic Charities if he wins. It needs to happen.