Sunday, August 07, 2022


 Rocky and I went to Pennsylvania for our vacation and took my mother with us. It was wonderful and I noticed something. The people were so normal. When I got back to Northern Virginia it was startling how many people walk about looking like they're attending a mad costume party. People deliberately pay a lot of money to look ugly and weird. And so many people seem angry or half a step from getting really nasty. It's so omnipresent that you don't notice it until you get away for  a few days. Once again, Rocky and I were reminded that when he retires we have to get out of here. 

We went to Mass at a Redemptorist parish.  The Mass was about as nice as the Novus Ordo can be and while the cantor got a little out of control and even cut the priest off, the people were very friendly. We needed to fulfill our Sunday obligation and it was okay.