Sunday, December 11, 2022

Random thoughts on a cold wet weekend

  •  I'm a law librarian. One of my patrons is working on a case that involves young victims. My research required me to read some court documents on Friday that made tears fall from my eyes. No matter how tough you may think you are, or that you've heard it all,  there are dark things in this world that normal, decent people shouldn't even know about.  Lord, have mercy!

  • I need something quiet and lovely this weekend. 

  • I don't like Taylor Marshall but of late, I've noticed that  a lot  of the sniping at him from is coming off as silly and most especially to people who haven't followed his career it appears more like envy than serious, worthwhile criticism. If you're uneasy about him because of the Opus Dei connection or the Fisher Moore episode or his "Stop eating products with seed oils and lift weights or you aren't a man," kick, or you've been calling him Dr. Cut and Paste for ages then okay that all makes sense but if you think Pope Francis is anti traditional because of Marshall then you haven't been paying attention to what' Francis has been doing from day one. Cardinal Bergoglio's probably was a modernist before Marshall was even born. 

  • At Mass, the priest said that St. John the Baptist thought that Jesus was going to bring immediate judgement and  became disappointed in Him while sitting in Herod's prison. This particular priest is a nice  man but I can't stand his homilies.  I sat in the pew and sighed internally.  Later I  read Chapter eleven from the St. Matthew section of the Catena Aurea by St. Thomas Aquinas as a restorative.   St. John the Baptist, the greatest of all the prophets did not lose hope in Our Lord. He wasn't offended because he was facing martyrdom and he did not think he knew better than the Lamb of God.