Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Random thoughts on a Tuesday morning.

  •  I don't care for Taylor Marshall but I have to give him and Jesse Romero their due. They are, to my knowledge the only people who addressed the Satanic convention that happened last week-end  in Boston. Everyone else maintained silence on the affair. I feel sorry for the poor housekeeping staff at the Marriot (I don't want to hear anymore nonsense about the owners being  devout Christians),  who had to clean up afterwards because you know darn well, that grotesqueries beyond what decent people should ever have to see took place in those hotel rooms. 

  • Last week Rocky and I visited the Canons of New Jerusalem in West Virginia for Mass. As soon as Father began praying I was deeply moved and felt at home. This was the first traditional Mass that my husband and I have been able to attend since Cardinal Gregory and Bishop Burbidge reduced  the TLM parishes. 

  • My allergies have been brutal this year. Yesterday I woke up with a headache, a scratchy throat and a stomach ache from my sinuses draining. I think I woke up two or three times from nausea and pain alone. Extra strength Tylenol and Spam fried rice made me feel better. Boy, I wish it would rain and clear out this pollen for a few days. 

  • Okay, this scared me. 

  • Ireland is going to get it good and hard and will fully deserve it.