Monday, February 26, 2024

Random thoughts on Monday afternoon.

  •  I saw a video of a basketball game where a boy who says he is a girl injured a female player on the opposing team. Folks this is going to go until you remove your daughters from the playing fields. I keep hearing people say, "But she'll lose  her scholarship," and I don't get it. Is any college worth so much to you that you let your daughter's nakedness be exposed the eye of a leering and possibly dangerous individual in the locker room and shower?

    Is any college scholarship worth your girl getting knocked out, stomped, damaged internally, or her head cracked in during a sporting competition she had no chance to win?

     Don't you love your daughter? Does her dignity mean nothing to you?  In 1968, two black Olympians risked their medals and athletic careers for their cause. They faced screaming event attendees, were kicked out the Olympic village and they received death threats. 

    They won. Both went on to the NFL and are considered Civil Rights era 
    heroes today. The adult athletes and the parents of the minors have to leave the mad house and yes, sacrifices will have to be made if you are serious. It's not going to change by  pleading. 

  •  A priest posted a photo of his 90 year old mother and asked for prayers because she passed away. One person complained that the mother was wearing pants and chastised the loving son for showing an immodest photo. My brothers, if you experience temptation looking at a 90 year old woman I suggest that you step away from the Internet, possibly forever for any reason other than work, and get yourself to the nearest priest  for spiritual guidance because ....something aint right.  

  • Ave Maria