Saturday, October 13, 2012

random thoughts

*Don’t knock yourself out trying to get your kid into Harvard. It meant something once but really the students are no better than you are. In fact, there’s a lot of filth and corruption hiding in that ivy.

*The Holy Father said something very interesting about Vatican II.

*Well I guess the other shoe dropped.

* If you want to do something about the talking and disrespect for the Blessed Sacrament in your parish try this: Refuse---gently to chat with people in the pews, Genuflect or bow if your knees can't take it anymore, EVERY SINGLE time you pass Jesus. Say a thank you prayer after Mass unless you have small explosive children and if you do try stopping just for a minute and saying bye bye to Our Lord before you go out. Genuflect or bow your head before receiving Communion. You may think this is all pointless because nobody notices. Nonsense. Jesus notices and you'd be surprised but other parishioners do to.

*John Zmirak is an interesting man. I don't know what to make of him.  I read Bad Catholic's Guide and found parts of it distasteful but serious Catholics who I respect, raved about the books.I'm completely unsure of where he's coming from or what team he's really playing on but oh my, can he write.

* To celebrate the Year of Faith the faithful have been granted a plenary indulgence. The Vatican News service has the details.  



Joe Potillor said...

I have been approached several times about my reverence towards the Blessed Sacrament...i simply tell them, God deserves my best, even though I'm quite imperfect.

As someone with a ridiculously warped sense of humor at times, I do like the bad Catholics guides, even though I own none of them.

Lola said...

Years ago at one parish we belonged, the blessed sacrament was moved to a far off corner. A 'chapel'. At this time I had been watching a lot of EWTN andink the Bishop had Catholic Answers on at the precious Drive-time hour on his local radio station. Simple instruction.
I noticed that people were genuflecting at the altar but not towards that far off corner. Why the altar? Because that was where the Tabernacle HAD been for millenia and it was force of habit.

Well we and many more people started genuflecting towards the tabernacle in the Chapel before we sat down in the wide rectangular meeting room of a church. After a while many more bowed and knelt towards that corner. We as a people were 'waking up'.

Now when I visit people flock to the chapel after mass in silent adoration.

It's one of the few churches in the area that I see that kind of devotion in SPITE of the Architectual 'vision'.

I am forever grateful for Catholic Answers and EWTN for reminding me of the why and what-for.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

When Harvard started, it meant among other things hating Catholics. You know, the Mayflower tradition.

In later years, it has taught John Romanides, a Greek Orthodox priest of heretical mind, some of his heresies about Catholic history. Yep, Romanides was a Harvard student.

When you wrote "ivy", I thought of Lord Ivywood of the wonderful novel The Flying Inn.

Wonder if Salman Rushdie at Cambridge - another rather Puritan university, the original for Harvard - will be the Misysra Ammon (read novel if you don't get reference) of the real world.