Thursday, October 04, 2012

The real St. Francis is more interesting than the sentimental bird feeder version

St. Francis was not a hippie or a wimp. Father Rutler says it better than I could.


Anita Moore said...

When I first saw Brother Sun, Sister Moon a few years ago, that was the first time it was ever brought to my attention that St. Francis was a hippie who went around singing Donovan songs. It is a relief to have it confirmed that this is not the case.

Lola said...


Dymphna said...

Brother Sun, Sister Moon left me thoroughly cold when I saw it in school.

newguy40 said...

I just wanted to recommend the following book:

The Perfect Joy of Saint Francis"
Felix Timmermans.

I found this to be a unvarnished and informative account of the Saints life. No hippy our environmental kook. But, one who has been called the closest and most authentic immitation of Christ ever.