Monday, October 29, 2012

The storm

I find talking about weather boring. Living in Northern Virginia where people completely freak out if there's two inches of snow on the ground I look at weather hysteria (which is NOT the same as prudent concern), with contempt. Freaking out does not help anything and makes the situation worse for people who depend on you or who have to be stuck listening to you. My rules for bad weather are simple and don't take hours of discussion.

 *If it's raining too hard for an umbrella, take shelter.

* If its snowing go make grilled cheese.

*When it's hot go inside and turn on the air conditioning.

*When it's cold, go inside and turn on the heat.

*Check the insurance policies BEFORE the storm hits.

*Move the priceless antiques and yourself to the upper floors BEFORE the storm hits if your basement and first floor usually flood.

 *If the weather is life threatening grab the pre-packed emergency bag and get the heck out. That's about it. 

Please pray for all those people sleeping on the streets tonight. May someone coax them into shelters and please pray for those who may loose their lives or property to Hurricane Sandy... flood clean up is stinky, miserable and in this wrecked economy a lot of people won't have the money to do it. Oh and one more thing, hurricane season usually goes on to early November so this may not be the end.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I like your rules and I'm sick of the hysteria too. The reporters all wave their arms and hype it up -- increases viewership. There's no news in the message that the sky isn't falling.

Sinder Ella said...

Lol, great set of rules!

Lola said...

I too think Grilled Cheese is a great comfort in troubling times.

Living in central Flo-ri-da we have our share of wind and rain and more wind. And that's just the politics.

I am praying for you and especially the elderly and homeless. The threat of power-outages is probably the scariest of the whole storm system since that can last longer than patience.

Mrs. H. said...

Grilled cheese is good....but homemade soup is even better! Or how about both??!!
I wish I had as much PR as Sandy.

Old Bob said...

The picture is by Bougouereau? The girls look like models of his.

Dymphna said...

You are correct. He is my favorite painter.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"May someone coax them into shelters ..."

As in homeless shelters?

Where lying down in dorms with other men makes it difficult to sleep due to irritation over hearing strangers breath so closely?

Where someone might steal sth from you "by inadvertence" because some of the personnel might either want to do magic or deprive you of an attribute?

Where some are run by the organism of Abbé Pierre?

If I get shelter (sg in general, as opposed to "a shelter" described above), I don't need coaxing, I am thankful for a staircase I don't get kicked out of!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

So far, most storms I have found people (sometimes Muslim immigrants) hospitable.