Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vigil Mass at St. Rita

Bishop Loverde came to celebrate Mass today at St. Rita's. I'd forgotten how tiny he is. He and Cardinal McCarick are about the same height and the cardinal is as we as a leprechaun. It was a beautifully celebated Mass. Our choir sang pieces from Thomas Thalis and Fr. Eagle and Fr. Bear looked really exicted. The Mass was for the intention of the late Fr. Watkins who was once pastor of St. Rita's.


Joe Potillor said...

Awesome to hear :), sounds like the Bishop isn't quite so bad.

Dymphna said...

I don't know what to make of Bishop Loverde. He's a mystery to me in a lot of ways but I'm thankful for two things: the Arlington diocese has several TLMs to choose from, we have two or three wacky parishes but for the most part you will find decently celebrated Novus Ordos.