Monday, October 08, 2012

The Catholic vote

I read Dr. Mirus' comments on why the Catholic vote is apparently in the bag for Obama.  He chalks it up to a failure in teaching. I think it's actually a triumph of the teaching we've been getting for decades. We have been told from the pulpit and in Catholic books, diocesan newspaper editorials, and by the lay leaders of the parish not to be embarassing, parochial, Catholic ghetto unsophisticates and to be cool like everybody else. And so, you have Catholic men and women who, except for the one hour they shuffle into church are exactly like everyone else.

God help us.

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Lynne said...

Many polls have shown bad results by improper methods (sampling). We will see after 11/6 if Dr Mirus was right. I hope he isn't but regardless, it is still true that we have been poorly catechised for 50 years.