Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Dream of St. Joseph

This is a fascinating "Dream of St. Joseph". The angel has blasted through the open window and is telling St. Joseph to take his little family and get out of Nazareth. Our Lady is not asleep and and doesn't seem a bit surprised to see the angel and it looks like all she needs to do is to wrap up the Holy Child and they'll be ready to hit the road.


newguy40 said...

This is certainly an enjoyable piece of art. It is interesting to see the holy mother as a waking witness to Joseph's dream. Knowing the holy mother's virtues of obedience and humility she would never have told him upon his waking... "so... husband... what did the angel tell you?" She merely waited patiently to hear what was next for them.

I mostly attend a local men's religious shrine for Mass and Confession (regretably the other sacraments are the purview of the diocesan priests and parishes). And, tomorrow is a big day for those Oblates. We've had a nightly novena and Mass which has been a great blessing. As a father and husband, I can only re-iterate my own experience and devotion to St Joseph and the many many graces I've received thru his hand.

BTW, the Tissot version of this is quite extaordinary, IMO. Do you know it?

Dymphna said...

I haven't found the Tissot version but I'm looking for it.