Thursday, March 20, 2014

What good does Donna Quinn do?

I visit my uncle at his nursing home once a week. I have bathed him, shampooed him, washed his mattress, dressed and undressed and fed him, all just ordinary caregiver stuff. My mother visits him twice a week. She washes his oft soiled clothes, makes his bed, takes him to shaved and a haircut and irons every thing that touches his skin. Both of us keep an eye on  the  on the nursing staff and accept no excuses because frankly, even at a pretty good place like my uncle's nursing home if the staff think they have a resident who doesn't have fierce protection they get a little lazy.

I admire  the Little Sisters of the Poor because every sister on the nursing home floor has done ten times more than I've ever done and they do it every blessed day--with a smile on their faces.  Looking out your own blood kin is one thing but the Little Sisters of the Poor care for everyone in their homes like beloved kin. That is God's work. I have no respect-- none, not a shred-- for someone who would attack them. Sister Donna Quinn of the Sinisinawa Dominicans says she is dismayed by the Little Sisters because they don't want to pay for lay employee's abortion and contraception. Well I am dismayed by Donna and though I am only a laywoman and a sinner  I have to ask, what good does she do?  How exactly can a bride of Christ be an advocate of abortion? How? Somehow I can't see St. Dominic, or St. Catherine of Sienna or or Sisters Seraphina and Ermeline, the first Sinsinawa Dominicans being impressed by Donna's words and actions.

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That image is amazingly sad.