Monday, March 03, 2014

The Fisher-More College saga

Bishop Olson has forbidden the TLM at Fisher More College. I can't add anything to the Twitter and Blog feeding frenzy except to express my sympathy for the students and the parents. These folks are on a real roller coaster. Some people are saying that Fisher More messed up by allowing Fr. Gruner and John Vennari to speak on campus.  Other people are hinting darkly that things aren't right at the college and the president  anyway and that the Fr. Gruner and Vennari episodes were just the straw on top of the ton on the camel's back---but they don't come out and  say exactly what's wrong.   Other people have mentioned the school's well publicized financial trouble.

 What have the people running Fisher More done that is so terrible? Have they taught heresy? Have they provided aid and comfort to enemies of the Church? Have they looked the other way while priests broke their vows or violated the innocence of the young? Is something up with the chaplains?  If any of these are the case,  root out the bad, and if that can't be done shut it down. 

I hope the truth, whatever it is comes out soon but even if something is wrong  with the administration why take the TLM from the students especially since that's the only form of the Mass the school offers?

Dr. Taylor Marshall, who used work for Fisher More posted this on his Facebook page.  HT to Gina Guarnere for letting me know that the posting was up. This whole thing is looking like a ghastly mess. Please pray for the students and their parents.

**Update II
Fisher More had a response to Dr. Taylor Marhall. You can read it here. 


Gina Guarnere said...

I dunno if you can follow that link, Dymphna, but Dr. Taylor Marshall gives a pretty in-depth explanation of everything. Very enlightening.

Dymphna said...

Thanks Gina!

Gina Guarnere said...

I feel so terribly sad for him, the other Board members who left, and the students.

What a terrible, terrible situation to be witness.

I'm glad to hear they've still got a nearby TLM, though. That's a plus.

Steve Dalton said...

The really horrible thing about this mess is that the bitterness between the traditionalists and the NO folks gets worst and worst. The Trad's become more convinced the NO crowd is out to marginalized them even more than they are now, and the NO crowd, especially the more extreme ones, seem to think the Trad's are extreme reactionaries who want to turn the clock back to the 19th century. I'm convinced only a strong Pope, with real respect for tradition, can straighten things out. The bishops seem to be determined to ignore or fight against the SP decree of Benedict. The current pope doesn't strike me as one who really cares for people who want the church as it has always been. We need a Pope who will protect the Traditional Catholics from the bishops, priests, and laity who are unsympathetic or outright hostile to them, while allowing the NO. Something tells me that the Trad parishes would flourish, and outdraw the NO parishes in a few short years.

Lynne said...

Here's another response from someone else on the Board at FMC...

Among the Ruins

" Bringing in Dr. Marshall as Dean in January 2012 was risky, as the ink wasn’t dry on his Ph.D., he was a recent convert to Catholicism, and his attachment to tradition was even more recent. But we didn’t have a lot of options, or a lot of time, and Dr. Marshall was highly recommended by a traditional priest who was an erstwhile friend of the College. Well, Dr. Marshall was a popular teacher in his two or three classes each semester (as was his predecessor), but he largely neglected the mundane administrative tasks he was supposed to be performing in the other 30 + hours of the work week, instead devoting his time to self-publishing non-academic books and to becoming a celebrity blogger. Michael and the Visitors who were seriously engaged with the College weren’t entirely happy, but we thought that after the Schutzmann debacle, we needed to tolerate and try to redirect it for the sake of continuity, and for the promise we thought Dr. Marshall held as a fundraiser. We obviously put too much value on continuity and misjudged his willingness to help with fundraising.

The Promotion of Taylor Marshall. After his first semester—I don’t have the precise date in my head, but it was in the summer of 2012—the Dr. Marshall told us he had a better job offer in Montana or Wyoming or somewhere like that, and he threatened to break his contract just before the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester. Michael found out what he wanted in order to make him stay. In my gut, I knew giving the title "Chancellor" to a newly minted PhD in his 30s with only one semester under his belt was a bad idea. But again, for the sake of continuity, I worked with Michael to retain him, supporting him to get the title of “Chancellor,” to be relieved of his paperwork duties as Dean, and to pay him a salary substantially higher than any other staff member (including Michael). Mea culpa.