Tuesday, February 03, 2015

This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

This shameless obscenity  took place at St. Mary's Catholic Church Marysville,(!), Washington, on Superbowl Sunday. Notice that Our Lord is nowhere to be seen.  The pastor, these parishioners are the cool kids. They are in full communion and in good standing. Even if the local bishop does not really approve it's likely that he won't say a blessed thing. 

Now, I like football and I'm always thrilled at the start of the season each year but this is wrong. If I came to the homes of any of these people, removed their photos and put up ones that suit me they'd be outraged at my presumption. How much more  wrong is it to go to God's house and put Him aside to celebrate someone else?


Boniface said...

We have this sort of nonsence in Michigan too when one of our teams does well. See the third section on this post where the priest mentions the Red Wings during the Canon of the Mass:


PS. Love your blog.

Steve Dalton said...

Did they have nuns as cheerleaders too?

Dymphna said...

Thanks Boniface. I didn't see any cheerleaders , Steve but some of these modernist nuns could be pretty good linebackers.