Friday, February 20, 2015

"Ya Yassou'a" -- Oh Jesus!

While certain Catholics in the West are obsessed with satisfying their sexual urges and then strutting up to Communion with a big used car salesman grin, Christians in the Middle East are being slaughtered

Ya Yassou'a is what the 21 Copts cried out as they were being killed. 


Gina Guarnere said...

What a thought-provoking memorial painting...

So glad you posted it.

victoria said...

Thank you for posting it. Many people noticed the look of resignation and peace on their faces. I keep seeing Jesus. They went like lambs led to the slaughter.

God Bless,


We are trying to send relief to their orphan children, widows, mothers, in their villages south of Cairo. We contacted Bishop Gracida, who wrote the link below, and he says it is difficult. Please keep us in your prayers.

newguy40 said...

That painting of the 21 copts is very thought provoking. thanks for sharing it.