Sunday, August 28, 2005

Catholic blogs

I used to read Open Book quite a lot but lately it's become very tedious. All the posters do on the comments section is complain about something or make fun of traditionalist Catholics. They are also shockingly insular and seem to have no understanding that there are Catholics from other races and cultures. If the blogger, Amy Welborn, posts a nice story about little African orphans being helped by traditional, happy devout nuns no-one responds. If she posts a story abut SSPX or about a sex scandal there will be at least 50 or more comments. It's quite depressing.

Bettnet is much better especially since the guy who runs it got married. Marriage to a nice lady seems to have taken some of the piss and vinegar out of his posts. However, it's very Boston-centric. My parish isn't perfect by a long shot but it could be worse. It could be Boston. After reading Bettnet and the fiery blog, Magesterial Fidelity I've come to the conlusion that the Boston diocese should be restructured completely. I've had people tell me that things haven't been right since the 70s. Others laugh at that and say that Boston has been a mess for at least 50 years. And if Boston is sad enough for you read LA Catholic which chronicles the misery that is the LA diocese under Cardinal Hollywood. Yow!

Whispers in the Logia is mean. The guy who runs it seems to hate traditionalists, conservatives and anybody else who doesn't agree with him. I read it a couple of times and realized that I needed to hightail it to greener pastures.

The Vaticanisti bloggers claim to be church insiders and they do occasionally have gossip about who's going to be made a bishop and who's going to be sent into retirement but their stories tend to be mean and sarcastic. They hint about the private lives of certain people but don't come out and plainly say what they mean. Where I come from calumny and detraction are sins so I don't go there anymore.

Curt Jester is great. It's funny and has a huge list of blog links. Extreme Catholic, The Anchoress, Angry Twins and sometimes Happy Catholic, when she's not telling boring and sickeningly sweet stories about her kid, is very good. The Penitent Blogger is the best Catholic blog on the web. Catholic Apologetics of America's content is excellent. It's execution and design however, is terrible. I adored Father Bryce Sibley's Saintly Salmagundi but alas, he shut it down.