Friday, August 12, 2005

The Universal church

Last Sunday I went Mass at church that has mostly Mexican and Salvadoran parishioners. My husband and I went to the English Mass and it was awesome. The choir wasn't great but it didn't matter because they were sincerely trying to honor God. The cantor was blessedly free from the usual bossiness. The homily was given by a Kenyan priest. The main celebrant was Mexican. The pews were filled with white, Latino, Filipino and a sprinkling of black people. This is one of the things I so love about my religion. We were all from different cultures but we were all one in one act of worship and part of one universal church.
I saw a lot of young people and happily, a lot of them were young men who had come by themselves. This tell me that something good is happening at this church. After Mass about 30 people stayed to pray and to visit the Blessed Sacrement. I was impressed by how much reverence and beauty was shown in this Mass. My husband and I may make it our backup when the weather or traffic is too bad to get to our regular church.